The BRAIN SIG Speakers Database

The BRAIN SIG is keeping a database of presentations our members can make on neuroELT-related topics.  If you are a BRAIN SIG member, feel free to add or edit your own presentations, up to four per person, or pass on this link to Chapter Program officers or other groups interested in such presentations.

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Keeping Learner Attention

This 60 or 90 minute presentation is a mix of psychology and neuroscience.  The presenter will discuss three theories of motivation from psychology and explain how the RAS (Reticular Activating System) controls attentiveness.  Following that, the presenter will  conduct a learning experiment with the audience, using two styles of teaching and then check rate of retention.


If the Chapter does not have funds, I might be able to pay part of my expenses with research allowance.

I’ve received two Best of Jalt awards, but not for this presentation.  It is the newest and one of my favorites.