Our Mission
The Mind, Brain, and Education SIG is a forum for language educators and researchers to share insights in neuroscience, bringing relevant new discoveries in psychology, cognitive neuroscience and neurolinguistics into language teaching in Japan. 

Neuroscience is changing the world, but not ours.  

It is disturbing how slowly new findings are impacting the language classroom. We feel if we wait for neuroscience to percolate through Linguistics and the other academic fields at the base of our profession, we will miss too many opportunities to improve our practices. Therefore, we plan to find out as much as we can ourselves and teach each other. Since only a couple of us are actual neuroscientists, that means that we will have to a) maintain standards of rigor in the work we do, b) connect to neuroscientists and psychologists abroad to inform us, and c) remain appropriately humble.  At this point, our main goal is not to do our own research so much, as to find out what others have discovered and consider the implications for our classroom practices.

The term we will use for our area is NeuroELT.

Jonathan Seiden, our first publications chair, has graduated from the Harvard Graduate School of Education with a Masters and has found a job researching pedagogy.  Congratulations, Jonathan!


    FAB11 at KoTESOL National  MAY 13-14 AT SookMyung Univ in Seoul 


   BRAIN and CT SIG Event-SIG 2017  Sept 24 at Tokyo JALT

    JALT International 2017  Nov 17-20 in tsukuba   

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